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Joy Chasseur d’Aspen Ridge aka Jetta (Retired)
COLOR: Liver Ticked
WHELPED: Jan 30, 2014
SIRE: Duff des Bois de la Mariniere (Jack)
DAM: Aspen Ridge Blossom (Audrey)
French Pointing Dog kennel

Dam to Ash and Sauer

Jetta has all the qualities we were looking for in our breeding program: she is a great hunter with excellent conformation, easy to train with a great retrieve, and is great at natural backing. Her easy-going temperament makes her a great household companion. She loves to cuddle and be part of the family but is a force in the field. Jetta is the first AKC Junior Hunter in the history of the breed. She has been retired from breeding and is enjoying her time in the fields.


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