"In 2009, I met the Braque du Bourbonnais breed through my parents who were working for a family who had two of these amazing dogs. They decided to add 2 to our family from Cactus Country Kennels. After years, my personal hunting adventure began and I dreamed of a BdB by my side on my hunts.
After a whole lot of thought and research I decided it was time to find a BdB of my own. This led me to Amber and Sioux Ridge Pointers.
I’ll preface this with I’ll touch back after a year or two to update on progress, but as we stand, I’d like to talk about the integrity and love I was met with through Sioux Ridge Pointers.
When I was selecting a breeder, I contacted a few, including Cactus Country who is no longer breeding. The first outfit I spoke to seemed cold and didn’t align well with what I felt was a breeder who genuinely cared. I than asked Larry from Cactus Country for a referral and he sent me to Amber at Sioux Ridge, and I’m glad I landed with her and Steve.
From the day I contacted her, I was met with Grace, professionalism and love. Almost every day after choosing my Hamet, I was sent updates, pictures, and information galore. I wasn’t able to pick him up right away, so Amber was happy to keep up with my dog until I could get out to Sioux Falls to pick him up.
When I arrived, Amber provided a ton of toys, bedding and a carrier to make my travel back to AZ comfortable for Hamet. I immediately knew when I finally met Amber and Steve in person that they are simply amazing people who truly care about the breed (and dogs in general).
To those who are considering this breed, or looking for an amazing breeder with great lines and ethical breeding, I urge you to consider Sioux Ridge before the rest. If you would like to speak to me directly note about my experience, I’m sure Amber will be happy to pass on my information Thank you guys, you have truly made my adventure with BdB begin gracefully and comfortable."
- Geoffrey and Cari
Arizona, USA
"This is Biscuit (Litter D - Drax & Maggie). When I was looking for a pup, one of my main questions was, 'will he hunt'? … and boy, does he hunt! The 2023 season will start soon, and we can't wait! Thanks for breeding dogs that hun. Too many have gone to breeding for show, and forget that they were meant to hunt first. Keep up the great work."
- Rod
Oregon, USA
"I absolutely loved Sioux Ridge Pointers! Steve & Amber are lovely people, very easy to talk to! I loved all I loved all the pictures and videos I would get of him growing up! My little Captain Nemo is such a goofball, is full of energy, and is so smart! I can't wait to see the little guy grow"
- Katrina E.
Florida, USA
"Sioux Ridge Pointers is an amazing kennel and experience all around. Amber is wonderful to work with and keeps you updated along every step of the way!"
- Cailey D.
Georgia, USA
"Our experience with Steve and Amber of Sioux Ridge Pointers have been very positive. They did everything they promised and are excellent communicators. We brought home a male pup in June 2021. He is healthy, thriving, and hitting all of his developmental milestones as we had hoped. I was pleased with his reaction to the 1st bird exposure which he got yesterday! We have the beautiful buildable pup that I had been dreaming of owning for more than a decade."
- Scott M.
Oregon, USA
"We cant say enough about Sioux Ridge Pointers . Steve and Amber not only raise quality BDBs but are outstanding people. They went out of their way to get us our little girl “Willow” Once you contact them you become more than a buyer you become close friends. Love the BDB Circle!!"
- John G.
Rhode Island, USA
"Incredibly pleased with Sioux Ridge Pointers. Excellent breeders & quality pups! Steve & Amber are professional and make the process simple.
Our 17 week old Braque du Bourbonnais pup trains well in the field, finds birds with her sharp nose, and runs with the experienced dogs.
She socializes amazingly well with people, children, & pets. She's incredibly smart, loves tummy rubs, and is joyfully learning commands. Our sweet girl is a loving, playful member of our family. She's a wonderful mix of incredibly independent & self-entertaining … then an absolute lovebug and sidekick. She likes resting in the shade after a long day of play. Looking forward to our first hunting season & many adventures together."
- Frank & Sally S.
Illinois, USA
"Our experience with Sioux Ridge Pointers has been a nice journey while learning about a new breed of bird dogs. Steven and Amber have shared a tremendous amount of information while we were waiting for our pup. Their patience, care, and communication has been excellent! We look forward to continuing our relationship and visiting about our new Braque du Bourbonnais training and hunting future."
- Neil & Tracey
South Dakota, USA
"Sioux Ridge Pointers has been spectacular to work with. We’ve had many long talks with the owners about dog personalities, hunting, lineages, and keeping them up to date on our pup. The purchasing arrangement could not have been easier. We were met at the airport with our pup and given everything we needed to get off on the right foot. Our Covey girl had been well taken care of in preparation to come home with us. Our home is now blessed with a Sioux Ridge Pointers BDB that is one of the most loving, affectionate, and hardworking sporting dogs I have ever been around. We look forward to years in the field with her and can’t wait to see what she can do."
- Brian S.
Arizona, USA
"Arya is wonderful. A loving obedient puppy and a very welcome addition to our family!!"
- D.M.
Florida, USA
"We had the opportunity to bring one of Maggie x Drax (B litter) pups into our home.
After years of owning flushing dogs we finally found BDBs and felt the breed would meet our desires better. We had been searching high and low to see which kennel felt right for us. When we came across Sioux ridge everything seemed to fit. Then when we saw Maggie we knew this was the place for us.
Amber and Steve worked with us from beginning to end to make the process as easy as possible. Being available for any and all questions. Giving frequent updates and pictures helped us feel as if we were involved with our pup as she grew. Even though we were 4 states and 16 hours away. They were so accommodating during the pick-up process.
We have truly loved our dog and couldn't be happier. She is a great companion, family member and is turning into a magnificent hunter. Not to mention - A beautiful specimen of the breed! - We can't go anywhere without being constantly stopped for people to marvel at her beauty and to ask all about her."

"Thank you Sioux Ridge Pointers!"
- Thomas P.
Utah, USA
"Amber and Steve were great to work with. Loved getting puppy updates during the process. We are really enjoying being part of the Bourbonnais story."
- Jodie, Robert, & Toby
Colorado, USA
"Amber and Steve’s love for the dogs they breed was obvious from my very first phone call with them. It became even more evident through the picture updates, the new puppy care package sent home and the check-ins months after picking her up. They are truly invested in each of their dogs and the families that get to take them home. We’re so happy to have found a great dog from such amazing people right here in South Dakota."
- Lindsay & Zack
South Dakota, USA
"We fell in love with the Braque du Bourbonnais breed 11 years ago when we picked up our first puppy, Sage. Several years ago we started the search for our next BDB and we felt very fortunate when we found Sioux Ridge Pointers. Steve and Amber have been wonderful to work with - keeping us in the loop of upcoming litters even as we encountered several delays that had us turning down potential pups. When the time came to say yes to our new family member they were extremely responsive to our questions, kept us informed when the litters were born, allowed us time to pick our puppy and kept us informed on how the pup was doing as he reached the age where we could take him home. The photos and videos were priceless and we felt like we knew our “Sunshyne” before he even came home. When Sunny made it home to Colorado he was obviously loved and socialized and he settled right in with his big brother, Sage. We could not be happier with Sunny - he is a bright spot for us every day and keeps us laughing even as he pesters his brother. Thank you Sioux Ridge Pointers for ensuring continuation of this incredible breed - they are truly the best dogs ever! "
- Gary & Connie
Colorado, USA