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Cactus Country Maximus aka Beau
COLOR: Liver Ticked
WHELPED: Sept. 4, 2019
SIRE: Cactus Country Xanaduke
DAM: Cactus Country Meeka
Braque du Bourbonnais kennel
Father to Acorn, CC, and Emma

Beau is owned by Kelly L. of South Dakota. Here’s what he has to say about Beau:

“This dog makes me laugh daily. He loves to point. Usually its just random birds or grasshoppers daily but you can see him pointing all the time. He is an in your pocket type. He loves to go, but is happiest receiving love from anyone willing to pet him. He is exactly what people told me when I was considering the breed. The nose of a short-hair with the temperament of a lab. When he walks into the house he melts into his chair and is perfectly content there, especially if someone pets him while he’s there.”

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