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Sioux Ridge Ash
COLOR: Fawn Ticked
WHELPED: Jan. 10, 2020
SIRE: Nazas Mažas Brolis aka Saber
DAM: Joy Chasseur d’Aspen Ridge aka Jetta

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Dam to Acorn, C.C., and Emma

Ash is owned by Kelly L. of South Dakota. Here’s what he has to say about Ash:

“I have never seen a dog with its nose to the ground as much as Ash. She is always hunting. Huge drive. She will stop long enough for some love but then back to work! She was the only female in the litter and I believe she got a little extra love from Steve and Amber because she has that the loving nature because she is an outstanding mother. Whelps with ease and and milks like a Holstein!”

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