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Chateaus C Amber’s Pappy
COLOR: Fawn Ticked
WHELPED: Oct. 27, 2016
SIRE: Nazas Mažas Brolis aka Sabre
DAM: Cactus Country Meeka
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Son of Sabre and Jetta
Brother to Ellie and Maggie

Pappy was our very first Braque du Bourbonnais. We had been researching what we wanted for a hunting dog and this one was definitely new to us. He was a nondescript, 8-week old white pup, the last one left in the litter. My wife and looked at each other and thought maybe we should wait until there were more pups to choose from or something more remarkable. Then the moment that changed our mind, they brought out the Sire of these puppies and that’s when we met Sabre. Our whole perspective changed what a magnificent dog!
Pappy came home with us and within a few days had become one of our family. He was always looking for something to do, a job… retrieving, learning tricks, whatever to keep engaged with his new family.
When he was about 1 year old, he was off to hunting school and again he hit the ground running. He is a hunting machine!
Then when the field time was over Pappy became our house companion. He was calm and well-mannered and content just to be by his family. This was the moment in time when my wife and I first contemplated breeding these dogs. They were great in the field, even more, outstanding in our house and there were just not enough of them available so that they were readily available anywhere in the United States let alone in South Dakota a Pheasant hunters paradise.
So even though Pappy won’t be part of our breeding program his father -“Sabre”, mother -“Jetta” and sisters Ellie and Maggie will pass on these outstanding genetics!

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