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Sioux Ridge Ash’s Acorn
COLOR: Liver Ticked
WHELPED: Dec. 20, 2020
SIRE: Cactus Country Maximus aka Beau
DAM: Sioux Ridge Ash

Braque Bourbonnais puppies

Acorn is the MINI ME of Ellie. She reminds us so much of Ellie, but is long-legged and agile. She did hunting training at 6 months and came back a hunting machine. She is deliberate and a well-controlled hunting dog. She’s sweet but she is ornery! She surprises us with her inventive ways to show her love to us. But the love she has is endless. She and C.C. (who are sisters) are like mirror images of our other sister set Maggie and Elli. She’s a force in the field but a love at home. She will join the breeding program next year pending Hip test.

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