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Chateaus H Ellie Mae
COLOR: Liver Ticked
WHELPED: Oct. 12, 2018
SIRE: Nazas Mažas Brolis aka Saber
DAM: Hana Mažas Brolis

South Dakota gundog breeders

Ellie was the Alpha of her litter and is one of the bird craziest dogs you will ever meet. She is all muscle and always on the go. Ellie was trained with Tate Martinson at Martinson Red Point Kennels.
Ellie at 10 months old tried for the NAVHDA natural ability test and although she scored an 89, she wowed the judges for the fact that she went and found 2 different sets of pheasants, and she also got up a raft of ducks! Ellie was also forced fetched by MRPK. This girl has the greatest prey drive imaginable, as soon as she sees us loading up the truck she goes into a frenzy!
She is the snuggliest, most loyal dog. She is my shadow and so well behaved. We often joke that she could do a crossword puzzle because she’s so smart.

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