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Sioux Ridge Ash’s Emma 
COLOR: Liver Ticked
WHELPED: Dec. 20, 2020
SIRE: Cactus Country Maximus aka Beau
DAM: Sioux Ridge Ash

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Emma is owned by Chuck and Regina of South Dakota. Here’s what they have to say about Emma: 

“We got Emma at seven weeks of age. She started hunting at 10 months of age on pheasants. She is a very intelligent dog and learned quickly on wild pheasants. She was hunted with a two year old BdB and a thirteen year old GSP. She quickly learned to honor points and we had many three-dog points. SD has a 3-1/2 month season and she was well into hunting on her own in one month. She is consistently hunting in the field and tracks her birds. She has good solid points but also knows when the bird has moved on her. I have 50 years of dogs and she is definitely one of the best dogs I have had. She is a friendly dog with human company and makes a great indoor companion. She was quickly house broken and learned to ring bells hanging on the door knob to go outside.”

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