About Us

HI! We are Steve and Amber Kielman! We are the human side of Sioux Ridge Pointers and we are so excited you are interested in our loving pack of Braque Du Bourbonnais.

When it is your turn to pick a puppy, you will immediately be part of our family. We send as many pictures as we can take and send updates as much as possible. We want you and your family to watch your puppy grow, learn, play, and explore their new world! We also take care of the first round of shots, docking of the tail, and removal of dewclaws.

We feed our pups “Diamond Natural Large Breed Puppy” Until the age of one. We always have food available because these guys are hungry. They are young and active and need all the calories they can get. They tend to only eat enough to feel full so they often eat a few times a day. After the age of one, we feed them “Diamond Naturals” All Life stages and/or large breed. They are all checked out by a “Sports Dog Vet” here in Sioux Falls. Of course, all shots are up to date and are given heartworm medication that includes a dewormer.

We can’t wait for the day you get your puppy and you join our Sioux Ridge Pointer Family!

Our story

We fell in love with Bourbonnais when we purchased our first puppy in early 2017. We were lucky enough to have a breeder in our area that had been involved with Braque du Bourbonnais dating back to the early nineties and some of the first of the breed to make their way into the United States! We named that dog Pappy and he exceeded our expectations of a hunting dog and family companion. We were impressed with three things about our new dog, the first being how easy it was to have him in our home. Next, his capacity to learn and to do it so quickly. It was the middle of winter in South Dakota so most of our potty training was done with an ample supply of snow on the ground. When we introduced him to obedience training and taught him several tricks to keep it fun, he flew through all of this anxiously waiting for the next step and with the greatest of ease. Finally, was his capacity to learn when we sent him to a trainer. He came home from the trainer a hunting machine. Pappy had more desire than any dog I had ever witnessed. It seemed that he held a point almost endlessly and he had a natural ability to quarter and stay close enough that he was very easy to hunt behind. He is now a hunting dynamo; yet still a calm, well-mannered gentleman in our house. He never misses a chance to spend the night watching a hockey game or riding around in the backseat of our pickup.

Whether they are snuggling on the couch to jumping in the water or hunting in the field, these dogs will never cease to amazing you

The more we learned about the breed and the people that breed these fantastic dogs, the more we were drawn into breeding them. Just like Amber and I, they all want to make sure that the breed maintains its standards and at the same time that the puppies all go to good homes! Homes where the dogs will be exercised or hunted regularly and made part of their families. We ensure each puppy is going to a quality home and offer a 100% money-back guarantee (though we are almost certain that won’t be an issue)